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50 mins, Digibeta
TX July 1999
Big Table Film Company for C4

Hybrid portrait and polemic, featuring cult novelist Luke Rhinehart playing out the ideas from his seminal work The Diceman and exploring their influence on his more impressionable fans.

Screened in Amsterdam (IDFA) 1998
Screened in New York (DocFest) 1999

Imagine that from this point forward you were to decide every important decision in life by a toss of the dice. Would your odds of happiness improve, or would you freefall into a vertiginous downward spiral of depravity ending in nihilism and perhaps death? Why not decide the answer to this question with another toss? So believe devotees of cult novelist Luke Rinehart, author of the best-selling The Dice Man, who asserts all we need is more random chance in our lives. And what better way to illustrate the power of chance than a cacophony of evocative, ephemeral images -- possibly meaningless -- in this latest work by master-of-atmosphere Paul Wilmshurst.
Docfest Programme 2000

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