freelance director, producer & writer


50 mins, Digibeta, Super8mm&DV
TX July 2001
Blast! Films for C4

Ever dream of starting a new life in a new town, with a new name, a new lover and a new job? This film is about people who did walk out on their old lives and who started over again from scratch. There's the drug dealer who lives in the country on the police witness protection scheme; there's the middle-aged professional who walked out on his family to live rough in the woods, cooking squirrels on makeshift fires, waiting to die a lonely death; there's the teenage runaway who wanted to destroy every trace of her past. And there's a man who sells new identities to rich criminals and another man who left everything behind when he lost his memory and forgot who he was altogether.

With Michael Culkin, Johanna Hargreaves, Terry Mortimer, Lisa Palfrey, James Peck

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Missing People