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Director/Producer: Paul Wilmshurst
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Exec: Tony Wood
DoP: JP Gossart
Editor: Tony Ham
3 x 30 mins, HD RED
with Charlie Hiscock, Anna Jobarteh, Eden Nathenson, Kieran Wallbanks, David Troughton, Lily Loveless, Nick Blood, Michael Nardone, Kerry Joy Stewart, Lucy Russell, Ramon Tikaram, Steve Furst

BAFTA-nominated children's drama series, made by Lime Pictures for CBBC, and headlining a season of programmes on children and conflict. Jed and best friends Christie and Zara live on an army base. They like exploring the woods, dodging authority figures, playing games of soldiers and enjoying the freedom that goes with growing up in a secure environment. Then one day warnings appear on signs in the woods, and Zara becomes strangely secretive.The friends finally meet Xan, a strange boy who has been lurking in the woods. He makes an astonishing claim – he's an alien from another planet and the old armoured vehicle in their den is actually the space-ship he arrived in. He needs their help.

Combat Kids Animated Title Sequence from Andy Johnston on Vimeo.

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