freelance director, producer & writer


50 mins, DV
TX Summer 2003
Ideal World for Channel 4 & ZentropaReal

Backwards documentary following eight people on holiday in Ibiza made according to new dogme rules for documentary written by Lars von Trier and made in a co-production with his company in Copenhagen as part of a self-conscious attempt to shake up documentary grammar.

Screened at Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2002

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Lars von Trier's documentarist code for 'Dogumentarism':
1. All the locations in the film must be revealed. (This is to be done by text being inserted in the image. This constitutes an exception of rule number 5. All the text must be legible.)

2. The beginning of the film must outline the goals and ideas of the director. (This must be shown to the film's'actors' and technicians before filming begins.)

3. The end of the film must consist of two minutes of free speaking time by the film's victim. This victim alone shall advise regarding the content and must approve this part of the finished film. If there is no opposition by any of the collaborators, there will be no victim or victims. To explain this, there will be text inserted at the end of the film.

4. All clips must be marked with 6-12 frames black. (Unless they are a clip in real time, that is a direct clip in a multi-camera filming situation.)

5. Manipulation of the sound and/or images must not take place. Filtering, creative lighting and/or optical effects are strictly forbidden.

6. The sound must never be produced exclusive of the original filming or vice versa. That is, extra soundtracks like music or dialogue must not be mixed in later.

7. Reconstruction of the concept or the directing of the actors is not acceptable. Adding elements as with scenography are forbidden.

8. All use of hidden cameras is forbidden.

9. There must never be used archived images or footage that has been produced for other programs.