Paul Wilmshurst is an Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated director, specialising in high-end drama and with a background in documentary film-making.

Paul has most recently finished work on the new series
JAMESTOWN, made by Carnival Films for Sky 1 and set to broadcast in the spring of 2017. He directed the last four episodes of the second season of hit Channel 4/PBS drama series INDIAN SUMMERS, and he also directed the final block of the NBC series A.D., set in 1st Century Jerusalem, and shot in Morocco.

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He directed three episodes of
DOCTOR WHO, in Peter Capaldi's first season on the show. All three were well received. Kill the Moon featured giant spiders and an even larger space dragon. Mummy on the Orient Express was set on a space train and featured a mummy that could only be seen by its victims. And Last Christmas (the 2014 Xmas special) starred Nick Frost as Santa and featured a story set on a polar base with monsters and multiple levels of dreams and nightmares.

Previously he directed on three seasons of the Sky/Cinemax action adventure show
STRIKE BACK for Left Bank Pictures and Cinemax/HBO, starring Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester. This vastly ambitious show filmed in Budapest and Cape Town, and involved highly complex and demanding stunts and action set pieces. His episodes of David S. Goyer’s DA VINCI’S DEMONS for Starz/BBC Worldwide also broadcast in the UK and the US in 2013.

Paul has directed a number of crime and children’s dramas, and has also written and directed one-off dramas about child runaways and child abuse, as well as writing and directing drama-documentaries about alcoholics, pseudocides, cocaine smugglers, the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and the bombing of Hiroshima; previously he made documentaries on a range of subjects (particularly crime, chance, race, weapons, psychology and identity). He produced and directed the BAFTA-nominated children’s drama, COMBAT KIDS, and he has also directed episodes of Silent Witness, Trial & Retribution and Law & Order: UK.

Paul has a double first in English from Cambridge and a post-grad Diploma in Journalism from City University. He lives in North London.

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FORGIVEN came 32nd in The Times’s critics’ poll of the best tv of the decade

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