freelance director, producer & writer


Director: Paul Wilmshurst
Writer: Julie Dixon
Producer: Jolyon Symonds
Executive Producers: Lynda LaPlante, Liz Thorburn
DoP: Chris King
2 x 60 mins, Super 16mm
LaPlante Productions for ITV

Sometimes the best intentions go tragically wrong. On an East London estate, a young man - recently released from prison - returns to the scene of a murder he claims he didn’t commit. When he accosts the sister of the victim, he is shot by her father. Buried secrets are slowly unearthed in this explosive tale of injustice and revenge. A man seeking recompense after his wrongful conviction, a father avenging the murder of his son, a young family whose peaceful life is brutally shattered, a cop who crosses the line to catch a killer. How far should you go in pursuit of what you know is right? Is it ever safe to act on conviction alone?

David Hayman, Victoria Smurfit, Dorian Lough, Vince Leigh; with Michael Culkin, Tom Ellis, Johnny Harris, Gemma Jones, Eleanor Matsuura, Maurice Roëves, Lorraine Stanley, Kierston Wareing

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