freelance director, producer & writer


8 x 1or 2 mins, Super 16mm
TX 2001/ 2002/ 2003
Coast for CNN/Discovery

Johnnie Walker KeepWalking campaign. Very short films (1-2 minutes) charting the lives and achievements of remarkable individuals, filmed in a variety of countries. High impact visuals and compact storytelling.

Lilian Cingo (South Africa)
runs a special train providing free healthcare to people in rural areas
read more about her life and work
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Gerry Hogan (Australia)
broke his spine in a motorbike accident and now plays and teaches golf
read about his revolutionary golf club

Michele Hoskins (USA)
took her mother's recipe for maple syrup and founded a successful company
watch the film on her website

Sammy Kuffour (Germany)
played football barefoot in Ghana as a boy and now plays for Bayern Munich
read more about his life

Helena Luczywo (Poland)
ran an illegal underground newspaper under communism and now heads the biggest cross-media publishing company in Poland
read about her life and business strategy

Aki Ra (Cambodia)
child soldier who fought on all three sides during the civil war and laid many land mines but now as an adult travels the country digging them up and educating people about the impact of land mines
read his story
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Abel Sithole (Zimbabwe)
musician who was imprisoned for his part in the independence struggle but reformed his old group who now sing together under the name the Cool Crooners
read about his life and his band
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Willie Smits (Indonesia)
runs a refuge for orphaned and mistreated orang utans bringing them back to health and then helping to reintroduce them to the wild
read about his life and work