freelance director, producer & writer


Starring: Richard Coyle - Chipo Chung - Jodhi May - Adam Levy - Vincent Regan - Joanne Whalley

Producers: Richard Bedser and Jonathan Curling
DOP: Tim Fleming ISC
Episodes 9 & 10 directed by Paul Wilmshurst

Production Company Lightworkers Media
Broadcaster NBC

Paul Wilmshurst directed the final block of epic Biblical drama A.D. This large scale series launched on NBC in America over the Easter weekend, continuing the story of the Christian faith after the crucifixion of Christ. In a city under foreign occupation the series follows the conflict between those who would collaborate with the invaders and those who would resist them; and it shows the impact of a new non-violent group made up of followers of the crucified Nazarene. How can they be true to their consciences and his teachings whilst striving to protect their city and heritage? What is their response to the Romans? Should they fight them or convert them? What loyalty do they owe to the Temple?

The final episode includes a full-scale battle shot in the Temple, with the whole cast, 400 extras and 80 stuntmen.

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